Compare engines for the A380. Only one is connected to 188 years of combined engine experience and the world’s largest network of field service engineers. Only one comes with support plans flexible enough to address all of your operational and financial needs.

Connect to the World's Largest Support Network of Aircraft Engine Services

The Engine Alliance delivers the most extensive support network in the world, with support in more than 100 cities around the globe. We offer total propulsion system support including engine overhaul, local quick-turn capabilities, component repair and on-wing support. You get access to our vast team of field service engineers, customer service managers and technical program managers.

Strength in Numbers.

The key numbers are: 24/7. You also get the strength of our member companies’ networks, with around-the-clock, around-the world technical help, engineering, spare engines, spare parts, publications and training. Cost-effective, quality MRO is performed at the GE Wales facility, with additional locations coming online.

Propulsor Advantage

Propulsor Advantage

Modeled after the successful GE90 program, the GP7200 fan module splits from the rest of the engine, allowing you to save money on spare engine costs.

Largest Network

Largest Network

You get access to the combined might of the GE and P&W networks, with field service engineers in more than 100 cities around the globe. The GP7200 is also backed by industry-leading expertise from EA partners MTU, Snecma and Techspace Aero.

Lower Cost

Lower Cost

Higher departure reliability, greater engine durability and longer LLP lives keep your engine on wing longer. When you do need maintenance, our local quick-turn capabilities and propulsor program save you money.

See what others say about the GP7200.

I've flown both engines, and the fuel burn is better with these. These engines are more responsive, especially when maneuvering on the ground.

– Captain Patrick De Roeck, Emirates A380 Pilot, 2008

For such a colossal aircraft, there’s another surprise - the quietness. Its GP7200 engines, manufactured by the Engine Alliance, are as quiet as engines get. More help to passengers wanting a good night’s sleep and a great deal more peaceful for those on the ground.

– Skycontrol Aviation & Aerospace News, July 28, 2008